Monday, June 13, 2016

Neat feature in Qi Men Dun Jia date selection application

Let us digress from Flying Stars Zi Wei for a moment today and get into the mechanics of efficient date selection.

Suppose you have a grand opening and decided to use Qi Men Dun Jia's Heaven Dun as the principal date selection method.  Life will not be fun if you need find a particular date selection formation in the next 3 months.

As a proto-capitalist, it is more viable and interesting to provide Bazi, Zi Wei or Feng Shui readings.

Now if your Feng Shui applications require date selection, then it is really a pain in the a%$e to find a good date time.

Now look up tables are fast, but computers are faster.  In addition, look up tables take up space and you won't enjoy flipping over them.

Automation using software
At the app, you select Qi Men Options.  You are spoiled for choice, do you like Zhi Run, Chai Bu, Rotating or Flying methods?  In this example, we use the Imperial/Zhi Run/Intercalation method to determine the Ju.

In this case, we are interested in 天遁 Tian Dun.  The computer will scan the next 90 X 24 date-times to locate all the 天遁 Tian Dun formations within minutes. 

This is faster than using lookup tables or manual plotting.

The computer has done all the grunge work for you, well there is even rating for the various 天遁 Tian Dun formations.  We know there is 天遁 Tian Dun on 16 Jun 2016, 1400 hours at the south west direction.

In addition, you could use Da Gua Date Selection to fine tune the dates.  You may get lucky and get a good date using Da Gua and Qi Men date selection, remember the more conditions will results in lesser dates. 

With computer automation, date selection will be less of a pain in the a&%e.

If you existing date selection charting applications do not have filtering functions, perhaps it is time for a gust of fresh air.

Recommended retail price SGD $600.00


Qi Sha Star: You have gone capitalist, once proto, now nearing unabashed.
This earlier version was given free but there are no 'thank you' cards.  Strangely after putting a price tag, it is attracts attention and I get 'thanks' from buyers.

Qi Sha Star: Why pay for filtering?
If you are a pure date selection theorist, by all means, encourage everyone to plot charts manually.  However my buyers are tired of clicking 'Next' or flipping look up tables.

Qi Sha Star: You are using intercalation, no wonder you are not doing well!?
Using intercalation or otherwise has no bearing on bank accounts.  Bazi and Zi Wei chart will give you a clearer picture of your bank account.  Everyone has different luck phases or motivations.

As a proto-capitalist, look at the rest of the blog for Zi Wei and Bazi charting innovations in the blog.

Of bank account and life
Child:   Papa, those seats are wide.
Father: Those are first class seats and they are rich families.
Child:   Rich families have no fathers?
Father: Er....

Sometimes young children provide very good insight.

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