Friday, June 17, 2016

Two different sets of Xuan Kong Da Gua or San Yuan Date Selection utilities

Many free internet apps or leisure magazine web applications have sexy screens but when it comes to serious work, those tools begin to crack under pressure.

In the screen capture below, I demonstrate the common application of computer automation to crunch date selection problems. 

Client A, birth year 1984, house sitting 180 degrees south wants a couple of good dates for June 2016.

In the example below, the user has used the Quick Filter function to get dates that has interesting affinity with his house sitting and birth year stem.  He or she can spend more times analysing dates that are minimally above average.  There are useful cues to guide the user e.g. Tiger hour clashes the year in this example.

Well you can use paid 'Look Up' tables too but they require handsome subscription fees. 

Oh no, your clients' birth date or house sitting data are not in the table!  Back to square one. 

You need good luck or deity-level mental dexterity if you looking for the elusive 'Family Gua' dates using tables or manual plotting!

The next screen demonstrates the power of plugins.  One common plugin is 五吉 which was popularised by the late Master Chen Pei Shen that I have briefly explained in my earlier blogs.

In the nice world of books, you will get ideal examples where the birth year, house are chosen nicely to illustrate the 五吉 concepts.

Nice but in practice, things are not so simple. 

Sometimes the days' ranges are fixed or the client has already selected the day, presenting you a choice of a few hours.

In such cases, we have to make some adjustments to the criteria, hence you get to see 3 variants of 五吉.

Suppose it is not your good day, your client's birth date and house sitting have no affinity with San Yuan Date Selection in some cases, don't worry, there is still the Qi Men Options tab waiting for you.

Yes, I forgot to mention, there is the Liu Ren tab lurking somewhere in the app!


Brother Keong, that is Yin-Si-Shen, 3 penalties?  Are you trying to kill your client?
Under certain conditions (which is not disclosed here) and never discussed in books or maybe current courses yet, 3 penalties dates can be used with good results. 

How about this example up there?
Good try, next question please.

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