Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sad case of student accident in Kelantan waterfall


In this sad case, the student, age 23, Geng Wu year plunged to his death from the Kelantan water fall.

We have very little information here but we have the age, location and events' time. 


Kelantan is at the northern corridor from Singapore.  His Geng stem is in the north.  Both north and north east are rather weak sectors at 7PM.  If you are a Bazi exponent, you will note the clashes between the heaven stems and branches.



In addition, time stem is Ren and it is at the grave stage in South East.  Take note that Self Penalty lurks in that palace.  Furthermore we have Ji+Xin,己+辛, in the classic Qi Men text, it says, 'may encounter spirits and ghosts'.

This is one of those readings that you do not want to see or hope the worst is not as bad as described.

Generally precaution must be heightened in forested or jungle areas as the night dawns.

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