Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Latest update to the English/Chinese Bazi software

My beta Bazi application was completed earlier but I had the bad luck of seeing some interesting and awful Bazi software in the market.  So I decided to take on the challenge to incorporate the chart strength determination as a Bazi software without this feature simply looks queer.

The following are the minimum requirements of a Bazi charting application, not the lifestyle magazine type.

1.Bilingual 1900-2100 Ganzhi calendar Bazi charts plotting
2. Showing 10 decade luck pillars with colors highlighting challenging and favourable years.
3. Interactions between 9 pillars skillfully displayed in English or Chinese text
4. BaZi's chart strength/type determination
5. Ability to switch chart type 'manually'
6. User data saving supported

So you should imagine how a professional edition will resemble 8)

Editions aside, I decided to use a slightly more advanced version of the day master strength algorithm incorporating the combinations. That expensive detour took me a few days to get the basic engine working properly.

I am still fine-tuning the charting engine but it has reach 80% accuracy and is able to deal with the following chart types.

1. Strong
2. Weak
3. Passive and Fake Passive
4. Dominant and Fake dominant

I avoided using fanciful names e.g. 'follow son' as I prefer to stick to general and simple principles, well no tryst or affinity with poetry 8).

Of course, no algorithm is perfect, with time I hope it gets better, I am aiming for 95% but there is a manual chart selector for the highly experienced Bazi exponent.

In addition, I left out some controversial chart strength formula as I need more time to ponder over their significance.

Today I completed marking out the decades showing the better and challenging decades. Added the English output too but due to space, I have to resort to short hand.

For example ▲ denotes fire while ♣ stands for wood, well the idea is simple but it takes time for the English reader to understand the legends.  For the Mandarin speaking bloke, you will feel at home after switching to the Mandarin language version.

The following screen capture show give everybody a better feel of the most elementary features of a bazi application with English text.

Part of the sales proceeds, similar to the earlier titles goes to charity.

For those who purchased the Qi Men and Si Hua Zi Wei software, I would like to say 'thank you' as you have indirectly aided the charities in your pursue of metaphysical studies.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the noblemen who has been incessantly bugged by me for the last 2 months.


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