Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rare natal 7 Stars Robbery date times

I was mucking around the home brew Xuan Kong Da Gua software, quashing a few bugs with inputs from testers when I remembered this old thread.

I was thinking why Xuan Kong Da Gua style 7 Stars Robbery date times are rare?

Why not run a trivial utility and and determine the number of 7 Stars Robbery date times for the next 100 years. This brings back memories the old university days when we put in punch in some parameters and analyse the computer simulation results after lunch.

Heck, its only a few lines of code.

If you happen to use this date with good results, please remember to make a significant donation to any children orphanage home.

Ok, the results are interesting......they are in the screen capture below. Date time is generated for GMT +8 time, longitude 120 using a 2 hour time division.

For the blokes who can play with the hexagrams and family/parent gua formations, they can easily drum up applications for this date. Yes, despite the rarity of this date, not every bloke or house can use it properly and you have to be nice to the people around you for starters, whats why a good donation to orphanage is good before a nice holiday.

Maybe i will run the program for the next 100 years...8)

Apparently those high mental dexterity or experience will probably have their own manual tricks. Master Zhang, in his Xuan Kong Da Gua date selection book has an example in the 1930s but with a modern computer, it becomes simpler.

Happy Good Friday!

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Jimxli said...

Hi Bro Keong,
Found yr site and like it very much.

Keep up the good work!