Saturday, March 19, 2016

New feature for Zi Wei software 2016!

I would like to introduce a new feature for the Zi Wei application, more options to deal with leap months, see method 2 and 3 below.

The latest version will be build 2.1603.19.

Generally there are 3 methods of dealing with lunar leap months to plot charts in Zi Wei Duo Shu.

Method 1 - Default in previous versions of the app
The leap month follows the previous month

Method 2
The leap month follows the next month

Method 3
The first 15 days of the leap month follows the previous month while the next 15 days follows the previous month.

And the good thing is, we do them all!  If you are restricted by your existing charting application, then it is time to have a dose of fresh air.

An imaginary dialogue between me and one of the Stars .... not Star Wars!

FAQ Build 2.1603.19

Ju Men Star : Peasant Keong, you disappear for a few months, then suddenly reappear and give a freebie? 
Peasant Keong :  Good day Ju Men Star.  Writing software is sometimes an art.  When you have an idea or has been hounded incessantly or is finally fed up (skillfully led to believe) with something that is useful and sorely missing, you roll up the sleeves code the feature.

Ju Men Star : Most apps don't confuse their users with 3 options to deal with leap months, you gave them 3 methods now, as free update?  It is commercial blasphemy!!
Peasant Keong :  Perhaps next time, updates will require small donations to charity.

Ju Men Star : Which method is the Holy Grail?
Peasant Keong :  There is none, Holy Grail is a legend. 

Ju Men Star : Is this taken from a stock market saying that 'when in a bull run, even a monkey can make money'?
Peasant Keong :  Yes.  But it will be rude to use monkey as a description.   

Ju Men Star : Hmmh, are you helping peasants re-arrange bits of the truth which they stumbled upon?
Peasant Keong :  No.  The idea of charting software is to help analysts examine variables efficiently.  We apply the same logic when we adopted CAD/CAM packages for engineering.

Ju Men Star : Why gift two additional methods for free but you refused to commit to any method?
Peasant Keong :  The logic is simple.  Affinity, skills and experience, in this order determines accuracy or precision in chart or destiny analysis, never be tricked by the back-testing paradox. 

We must appreciate many variants as possible and examine their utility to resolve problems, if ever presented the insight.

Ju Men Star : You can be Ju Men Star Junior!?
Peasant Keong :  You flatter me, I am only a cheap non-descript peasant or 草民.  But today, I realise the meaning of 'feature bloat' in software engineering. 

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