Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Inter-palatial relationships among Zi Wei's aspects

For Si Hua Flying Stars Zi Wei beginners, inter-palatial or palace rotation is indeed a tricky item.

Hence for beginners, I have added a palace rotation feature to assist them to visualize the concept of palace rotation, translation, transformation or whichever term that is in the favour of the month.

First we set the Spouse or Shen palace to be the point of reference and select 'Set this palace to be Taiji Self'

In the example below, Natal spouse aspect is the reference point for the rotation.  Hence we can easily infer from the screen capture below that aspect wealth is the spouse of spouse.


BK said...

Hi, as a quick answer to users for the timeline of this palace rotation update, it will be released once it passed the QA.

However I seek my customers' understanding that space is rather constrained and sometimes, the output may be garbled, but the aspects can be inferred easily.

BK said...

This is now production release, kindly register your software for the updates.

Thank you.
Brother Keong.