Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Interchangeable data format for BaziApp and Zi Wei Si Hua app

The latest updates for Zi Wei Si Hua and BaziApp give each application the ability to share data files.

With the Zi Wei app, you can read BaziApp data file and vice versa, this saves you from retyping all the users' data for each app.

I used the same theme and buttons to minimize learning curve for both apps.

Why share data?

Some things are easier in Bazi or Zi Wei, it is using the most efficient tool and building on the strengths and complementing each systems.  So do not be dogmatic and claim one is better than the other.  Adopt an open mind and keep learning as there at least 250,000 charts from each system.

Opps I need to remove the 'Demo Edition' label for the Zi Wei app 8)


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