Friday, March 30, 2012

Another practical date selection example

The best way to test if a computer utility is useful is to run it and note whether it make life easy for humans.

Let look at another date. Seemingly many Combination of 10 if you would excuse the prickly clashes.

Friday 13 Aug 2010, 16:18 GMT+8

Hr Day Mth Year
Jia Yi Jia Geng
Shen Wei Shen Yin
3 7 3 3
9 6 9 1

However more trouble is brewing in paradise even if clever defence is made for the clashes.

Of course a defence team could make a case for Geng Yin pillar having an evil Xuan Kong numeral twin. Hence date selection, even with computer automation, bad hair days are possible.

To achieve the best of both worlds, automation and maintain mental dexterity is ideal. To bash one and wholeheartedly skew towards the other, vice versa will result in many wild goose chases.

It will be an awful waste not to use this time even there is something insidious about the gender again. But gender taboos can be defended, unfortunately by selecting the correct activity.

Using the 9 Palace Qi Men Dun Jia, this is the chart. At least two non-kosher activities are possible.

Somewhere in the south east and east sector, despite time stem in grave.

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